North by Northwest Theme

On July 17,1959, North by Northwest premiered in Los Angeles. I'm a big fan of Hitchcock and North by Northwest is one of my favorite films, if only for that amazing crop duster scene. Here the master explains:
“Now in movies…the cliche of the man being put on the spot is usually a place of assignation and it takes the form of a figure under a street lamp at the corner of the street with the rain-washed cobbles shining in the night…this is the cliche atmosphere in which you put a man who has been deliberately placed in danger. Somebody is going to come along and bump him off. Well of course, this is such a cliche thing, you see, that one has to fight shy of it and run as far away from it as one possibly can because it’s all predictable. Now I decide to do something quite different… I take the loneliest, emptiest spot I can so that there is no place to run for cover, no place to hide, and no place for the enemy to hide.”

He turns the cliche fresh by reimagining the setting--and what a setting it was!

Also, the theme music is superb. It fits the driving suspense that doesn't let up!