The Murderer's Apprentice

I'm in the final stages of finishing my latest novel, which has a brand new title! 

The WIP previously known as Murder on Linden Way has been reborn as:

The Murderer's Apprentice

The change in title happened a week or so ago when I was brainstorming pitches. In addition to being my dog's name--yes, his name is Pitch--a pitch is a simply a way to describe your story in a few words. 

Pitch, in a rare moment of relaxation
This is a useful practice because it forces the writer to think--really think--about what the book is about.

One of the pitches I came up with was The Murderer's Apprentice, which not only refers to the plot, but the theme as well. The protagonist is a twelve-year-old girl and rabid Orioles fan who over the course of summer vacation in 1966 learns about life, friendship and murder. I'm pleased with my new title.

On another note, it was fun as a writer to set my plot in a time when there was no DNA or CSI wizardry. The resolution of the  murder plot depends of character and old-fashioned sleuthing without benefit of smartphones or computer wizardry. 

I should have a firm publication date soon, but right now I'm looking at late April or early May. I can't wait to get my book out there to know what you think of it. All I know it, I had a lot of fun writing it and hope you enjoy reading it.

Here's looking at you, kids!