Baltimore, 1966

12-year-old Dara Burke can’t wait for summer. So far 1966 hasn’t been so great. She and her mom fight all the time. And her little brother is a royal pain. But once summer comes, everything will be okay. But then one spring day the dead boy whispers in Dara's ear. Warning her about the bad man who was coming.

On the other side of Baltimore, Patrolman Stan Gorsky also looks forward to summer in the land of pleasant living. Until the little boy dies. When Stan learns of similar deaths of other boys, he plunges headfirst into an unofficial murder investigation. Soon Stan finds himself on the trail of a shadowy killer. A bad man who hunts the children of Baltimore, and is always one step ahead.

As Stan draws closer to identifying the killer, only Dara stands between her brother and the bad man. 

Can Dara save her brother’s life . . . and her own?

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