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Death at China Rose

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When the twentieth century was new,  China Rose Fish Camp was a popular vacation spot for folks passing through Grubber County on Mr. Flagler’s railroad, a place to slow down and enjoy the cool breeze off of  Lake Okpulo. But the railroad is long gone and these days the only regular visitors are the mosquitoes and gators–especially the fifteen-foot bull gator the locals call Big Ben.

When PI Addie Gorsky discovers Harry Pitts–the owner of China Rose–beaten to death in his home, the bloody scene suggests a frenzied, random act of violence. But Harry’s blood was not the first to be shed at China Rose, and Addie suspects that the crime is connected to China Rose’s haunted past and the disappearance of Harry’s daughter eleven years ago.

Addie knows that all murders begin in the past, but even she is surprised at how deep the roots of Harry’s violent murder go–all the way back to the days of old Florida, to the time of wily pirates and proud conquistadors, and the trove of treasure that legend claims is still buried in this backwater.

Addie dives headfirst into the wild heart of China Rose, surrounded by grinning gators, killer bees and gaping cottonmouths. But these predators pale in comparison to the cunning two-legged killer Addie is hunting…and who soon begins hunting her.

Book 2 of the Sunshine State Murder series available at Amazon and Other Retailers.