Murder Comes to Elysium

Tender Mercies Psychiatric Hospital is one of the darker places in the Sunshine State, so no one’s surprised when young college student Elena Santos dies while under its care.

Though Elena’s death appears to result from a severe allergic reaction, the family asks PI Addie Gorky to investigate. Though still mourning her father’s death, Addie takes on the case, expecting to find evidence of neglect or malpractice.

But soon the inconsistencies surrounding Elena’s death start piling up, with the tight-lipped and paranoid staff block Addie’s investigation at every turn. After discovering that Elena was not the inexperienced college student described by her family, but a woman with a haunted past, Addie takes drastic measures to unlock the secrets of the Tender Mercies.

When a second person dies, Addie soon finds herself in a deadly chess match with an unseen opponent, a grand master of murder always one step ahead.

Somehow, she must find a way to defeat this ruthless killer before another life is lost.