The Murderer's Apprentice

Baltimore, 1966. Twelve-year-old Dara Burke is about to discover that some monsters are real.

Tomboy Dara Burke likes horror movies, loves baseball and never ever backs down from a fight. Though she doesn't get invited to a lot of birthday parties, Dara doesn't mind. Not so long as she and her best friend Fran can hang out. Even if her dopey little brother Alvey often tags along.

But then the dead little boy whispers in Dara's ear, warning her about the bad man.

On the other side of town, Patrolman Stan Gorsky lives the good life in the land of pleasant living. Until the little boy dies, and Stan finds himself in the crosshairs of a murder investigation.

As a dark web tightens around Dara and those she loves, Stan frantically tracks a merciless killer, the bad man who hunts the little children of Baltimore.

In this countdown to murder, who will survive?



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