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The Murderer's Apprentice

Baltimore, 1966
 A twelve-year-old girl is about to discover that some monsters are real.

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Dara Burke’s life is far from perfect. Her parents fight all the time, and her little brother Alvey is a royal pain. But none of that matters because it’s summer! Now she and her best friend Fran can ride their ten-speeds, watch baseball, or just hang out.

On the other side of town, Baltimore City patrolman Stan Gorsky also looks forward to summer crab feasts and a cold bottle of Natty Boh. He likes his job and loves his family, and all seems right with the world. 

And then the first little boy dies, changing everything.

More death and strange incidents follow. As Officer Gorsky frantically follows the trail of a merciless killer,  a dark web tightens around Dara and Alvey.

In this countdown to murder, can Dara save her brother's life and her own? 

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The Murderer's Apprentice

  Buy Here! "Historically vivid whodunit!" "Great characters and suspense" "Enough red herrings it never lacks for excitement" Book 1 of the new series The Murderer's Apprentice   Available at Amazon and Other Retailers

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